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Consulting Solutions

RLL Advisory Services

​Offering a consultative approach to improve and expand your presence or accelerate your introduction into the rewards, recognition and corporate gifting space.

How do you get your slice of a $100B channel of trade?

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Atlantic Incentives


Helping companies provide the right merchandise to celebrate wins. ​

Atlantic Incentives helps you find the best aspirational and motivating product(s) that fit your budget.

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In a nutshell - over 35 years of experience in the special markets arena. A leader in the Appreciation, Rewards and Recognition channel. Brought to life top tier retail brands previously ignored in the premium channel of trade. 

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Every business is different. Every category is different. A one size fits all approach does not work. Our goal is to help you find a solution that fits your culture, your commitment and your competencies.

White Papers and Resources

Do rewards and recognition really work?   Industry organizations, associations and media.




Who can benefit from a little friendly help:

- brands looking to expand into the incentive channels of trade

- brands looking to improve their exposure in a $100B channel

- brands looking for confirmation of an existing approach

- performance improvement companies looking to improve merchandise acquisition

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