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Premium Incentive Products

Commonly referred to as PIP, is a leading bi-monthly publication that includes industry news, industry trends, and merchandise ideas for any program.

Incentive Research Foundation

The IRF provides more research about the effective use of incentives than any other association. Primarily focused on the incentive travel segment, the IRF has recently published leading edge studies about the appreciation industry as a whole. 

Involvement: Member, Education committee

Incentive Marketing Association

The global association has the stated objective of advocating for the use of incentives and recognition to improve business performance. The go to association for people and companies that serve the appreciation industry. 

Involvement: Past President, 2015

Incentive Federation

The Incentive Federation, founded in 1984, is an alliance of the most prominent associations in the appreciation industry. The IF provides a forum for all of the associations in order to share information and provide a cohesive message. Currently the IF is active in monitoring legislation that affects the appreciation industry as well as ISO Human resource certifications. The IF also maintains the only industry wide event calendar.

Involvement: Member,  Board of Directors

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