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Rewards and Recognition

What is it and Why is it important.

Four of the most often asked questions due to Covid-19

How do I keep virtual workers engaged?

How do I fill up my sales pipeline and keep customers engaged?

How do I motivate furloughed workers that were regarded as non-essential?

How do I assure that safety protocols are being followed?

A paycheck is just not enough.... 


I believe acknowledging employee accomplishments and rewarding them appropriately and proportionately is an often overlooked but critical component of building a successful business. Many business owners and corporate executives try in an unscientific way to reward their best contributors.  Many forget the middle performers, the ones that with just a little bit of encouragement can become significant contributors. The intent is just, though it’s a haphazard approach, because it is an afterthought, not a planned event. Or because they just don’t know how to properly implement a program that is designed to advance their objectives.  

Covid-19 has exposed a lot of opportunities to re-engage the people that are the reason for your success. Remote workers need to feel part of the team. Furloughed workers want to know they have a workplace to return to. Customers want to know when you will resume operations. Operating a safe and secure work environment is top of mind to customers and staff. These are all stakeholders in your business and can benefit from rewards and recognition programs. Properly designed programs can help you achieve your goals quicker and model a continuing behavior.


That is why I feel it is important to provide a solution to the employee recognition problem along with my merchandise and travel reward offerings. Small and mid-sized businesses may not know there are very cost effective solutions that employ the science in reward and recognition that have two measurable outcomes: increased employee morale leading to better customer service experiences and increased profitability. Yes, we can use the word profitability in the same sentence as rewarding and recognizing employees or customers. Not only can we, but we should link employee engagement to the customer service experience. The more engaged an employee is in the company mission, the more likely they are to become passionate company ambassadors and advocates. Think about it, a happy employee will present a positive impression of your company. Isn’t that what you want? 


RLL Advisory Services is partnered with a leading incentive company to offer small and mid-sized business access to cost effective programs proven to improve profitability and employee engagement. We engage in a thorough review of your objectives, concerns, budget and desired outcomes. Then we design, review, adjust, implement, evaluate, and adjust the program to achieve the desired results.  


To learn more, drop me a note from the Contact Me page. 

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