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A consultative approach to getting the most from the incentive channel


Rewarding Talent

     The Rewards and Recognition channel has one underlying tenant. Someone, somewhere has done something that has earned him or her a tangible momento of a job well done, an accomplishment reached or an appreciation of patronage.

     Depending on your business, you either want to sell product to companies that use or support the use of merchandise in these programs, or you are a performance improvement company that specializes in designing effective incentive programs. Which side of the fence do you fall on?


How Do We Help?

Retail Brands


For suppliers, RLL Advisory can help you determine your product viability, your USP or unique selling proposition, that makes your product 'aspirational'. Then we can help design and implement a plan to expand your reach, or enter the channel for the first time. 


There is more than ONE way to be successful. The plan must be tailor made to suit your product(s), your commitment, your internal resources and long term objectives. 


RLL Advisory will listen, ask questions, probably a lot of questions. Retail brands work very well in this marketplace. And we want to make sure the selling and distribution solution retains your brand's DNA and personality while enhancing brand image.


Performance Improvement Companies

For Performance Improvement Companies, the supply chain is critically important. Access to tried and true brands is necessary for long term programs. The latest and greatest trends are as important as we learn to navigate the needs of the younger and more transient workforce.

Your buyers may need help sourcing new products, developing  scorecard feedback for suppliers, developing coop programs that increase brand penetration and communicating effectively with supplier partners. We have learned that two-way open communications improves business performance and adherence to customer SLAs.

RLL Advisory can help you improve vendor relations and compliance in order to better serve your customers. 

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