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Information to help you determine the best rewards for appreciation programs

All rewards are not equal. Tangible rewards can have a social value when the recipient shares the recognition. This white paper explains why cash rewards are less effective than tangible rewards.

IESP White Paper 

A real life example of using a rewards platform to appreciate the efforts of employees in a meaningful way. Best in class practices show that recognizing goal achievements creates a positive and enduring culture.

Solutions Snapshot White Paper

Incentive, Reward and Recognition Programs

Multiple award types in a single program are very common. Over 80% of U.S. firms use some type of incentive program.  Over 80% of U.S. firms use more than one award type. U.S. businesses with channel incentive programs use:
     o Gift cards (63%)
     o Merchandise (51%)
     o Award points (43%)
     o Trips and travel (30%)

Read the full Incentive Research Foundation Report Here
Compensation is not the same as an incentive

The cash is preferred myth has been debunked scientifically many times. Cash incentives are co-mingled with compensation and used for everyday expenses. While tangible rewards, like merchandise and travel, have a stickiness and long term memorable factor that remind a recipient of the accomplishment. Desired behaviors are repeated.  SALES Program       


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